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Ideal 4000

Residential / Commercial Application
Windows and Doors

Aluplast’s Ideal 4000 is a commercial-grade window and door system that utilizes all the benefits of PVC while satisfying commercial structural requirements. With its European engineering, the Ideal 4000 system is among the highest-performing windows on the market today. High thermal insulation values lead to cost savings and the reduction of energy use. The 70mm profile thickness is designed for wide spans, and these windows are built to fit, produced in a technical tradition, and adapted to the needs of your building and its architecture. Therefore, Aluplast windows by Euro Window LLC are available in a wide range of styles and include many optional accessories.

It is important for windows to offer both stability and durability in order to offer the best protection against burglars and break-ins. Our windows all use a highly regarded and trusted Aluplast profile, which includes safetec inside its frame and steel reinforcement to ensure long-term stability. Safetec is a safe renovation system designed with strong burglary protection in the fixed central webbing that runs all the way around the internals of the frame. It provides simple yet exceptionally efficient protection against tools that are used to penetrate window frames.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn windows are versatile double-action windows featuring single-handle operation. Simply turn the handle 90° and it swings in (this turn function may be key operated for safety), turn the handle 180° and it tilts into a secure position at the top providing ventilation and security.

Tilt and Turn windows are well-insulated because they have a multi-point locking system and tight seals, which effectively minimizes any heat loss during winters, lowers energy consumption and energy bills, and helps keep external noise out. Because these windows swing open unlike double hang windows, accessing either side is extremely effortless, allowing easy cleaning and maintenance. They have an aesthetically pleasing design that is sleek and modern, making them a popular choice for big architectural projects and homeowners alike. Tilt and Turn windows also provide a secure option for homes with children or pets. When the window is tilted, it allows for just a small opening at the top which eliminates the risks of accidental falls without compromising on ventilation. All of our windows are made out of premium grade uPVC which ensures both long-lasting performance, and resistance to weather elements.

Double and Multi-Sash Tilt and Turn windows

For Tilt and Turn windows over 40 inches wide, we generally implement one or more sash divisions to ensure optimal weight distribution, strength, and performance. These multi-sash units have all of the same benefits as standard Tilt and Turn units, but allow larger ranges of width and versatility, and can also be clustered with fixed windows as well. This also begins to lead to user customization for window configurations. There are a few popular examples of double and multi-sash windows:

While these configurations are the most popular and simple, there is also a lot of design potential with a little creativity. So, if you have a window concept in your head, come discuss it with Euro Window and turn your idea into reality.

Fixed Windows

Picture Windows, or Fixed Windows, are fixed into place and have no operations available to them. These windows allow for a lot of natural light to enter your space, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day. These windows can really offer a beautiful view depending on where you insert them and are very low maintenance, being less likely to break down over the years due to not having any moving parts. They can be used in combination with multi-sash windows to offer both a great view and ventilation of the area.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a combination of windows that protrude out from the exterior wall. Our typical Bay Window setup includes two or three fixed windows parallel to the wall, connected by two operable Tilt-and-turn windows. Bay windows have a visual appeal from both the interior and exterior, are capable of allowing more natural light to enter your home than a standard window, and provide more space that can be used in many versatile ways, such as a shelf or seating area.

They offer a gorgeous panoramic view of the surroundings. They add an architectural focal point to the exterior of your home, with a classic and elegant appeal that can enhance the overall aesthetic and charm of your house, increasing its curb appeal and potentially its value. Bay windows are often considered desirable features in real estate markets and can help attract potential buyers when deciding to sell your house in the future.

A typical bay window configuration

A typical bay window configuration

Hopper Windows

Hopper windows are ideal for basements, or other spaces where airflow and ventilation are essential. Opening from the top, they create a funnel effect that allows warm air to be expelled while drawing cool air into the room. They are designed to have a tight seal when closed, which helps prevent drafts and air leakage, which assists in maintaining a consistent indoor temperature and reducing energy consumption. Their inward-opening feature offers better privacy compared to outward-opening windows, as they make it harder for outsiders to see into your space. Because of this, they are both easy to clean and maintain.